[Hatano Yui, Shame] [TAD-015] Strange Bondage The Devil's Prey Yui Hatano – 2019/04/15

Starring: Yui Hatano

Video Director: Abashirikka

JAV Video ID: TAD-015

Release Date: 2019/04/15

Total Duration: 139 min


[巨乳, Hatano Yui] [WANZ-821] Yui Is Getting 352 Blasts Of Aphrodisiac-Powered Rich And Thick Cum Yui Hatano – 2018/12/22

Starring: Yui Hatano

JAV Video ID: WANZ-821

Release Date: 2018/12/22

Total Duration: 154 min


[Nasty, 淫乱] [REAL-570] Demon Capitalize Hatano Yui – 2015/12/11

Starring: Hatano Yui

Video Director: Tengenji Ku

JAV Video ID: REAL-570

Release Date: 2015/12/11

Total Duration: 150 min


[単体作品, 波多野結衣] [DSVR-079] [VR] I Want A Baby Of You Anata Yui And Saliva Dripping Dense Kiss Plenty Cum Inside Of Appreciation Risk Day Immunity SEX – 2017/04/26

Starring: Hatano Yui

Video Director: Morikawa Kei

JAV Video ID: DSVR-079

Release Date: 2017/04/26

Total Duration: 33 min

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[痴女, Maika] [MDBS-016] 狂乱幻獄Men`s アナル・オーガズムのすべて 狙われた僕のケツマ◯コ 【アウトレット】 – 2017/11/06

Starring: 上原亜衣, 波多野結衣, 桜井あゆ, 北川エリカ, 春原未来, 成宮ルリ, 北条麻妃, 芹沢つむぎ, 稲川なつめ, 木村つな, 小司あん, 平山こずえ, 一ノ瀬アメリ, 彩佳リリス, 七瀬ゆい, 比呂子, 志保, Maika, 橘優菜

JAV Video ID: MDBS-016

Release Date: 2017/11/06

Total Duration: 240 min

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[単体作品, 管野しずか] [XRW-449] 日本緊縛師列伝 第一章 奈加あきら – 2018/03/09

Starring: 北条麻妃, 神納花, 桃瀬ゆり, 波多野結衣

JAV Video ID: XRW-449

Release Date: 2018/03/09

Total Duration: 119 min



[Female Teacher, Murata Chika] [ZIZG-011] [Live-action Version] Wife Netori Hatano Yui Arimura Chika Ayumi Mao – 2015/05/29

Starring: Arimura Chika, Hatano Yui, Hamasaki Mao, Murata Chika

Video Director: Irokawa Tetsuya

JAV Video ID: ZIZG-011

Release Date: 2015/05/29

Total Duration: 185 min

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[Hatano Yui, Yui Hatano] [TBXX-01] Heroine Consensual Sexual Intercourse・Female Pervert・Insult – 2013/05/24

Starring: Yui Hatano

Video Director: Steven N Jones Jr

JAV Video ID: TBXX-01

Release Date: 2013/05/24

Total Duration: 112 min

[Part Ⅰ]Pink, a heroine of the Fighting unit, has been captured, and it is just a matter of time when she is going to be executed. But before that, a monster who is the enemy’s cadre pours out old grudge and desire to Pink who cannot move at all, and the monster cadre takes action. Even in such a state, Pink never loses righteousness and pride of the heroine, but the monster tells her that he will explode bombs that he has set up all around the town. So, she drops her resistance to the monster. And evil clutches are about to reach such Pink… Well, is it possible for Pink to get away from this plight? Or…

[Part Ⅱ]
Two medieval fighters have been on the drift. And in one battle, when they retreat from the enemy, they’re attacked and one gets a wound with an arrow. The wound itself is not serious, but the tip of the arrow was soaked in poison! And actually, it is a love potion that makes burning sensation a little by a little from deep inside of the flesh… ’Please! Pump m-me!’ ’If I do it to you, our old relationship will be torn apart…’ Please, I-I really beg you…’The female fighter tries to persuade the male fighter who sores conscience. ’I know how you think about me, so please…’ Now they find out each other’s feelings under enemy’s fearsome attack, and persons with the same vision enter into a deep relation, but…

[Part Ⅲ]
One young guy accidentally saves a heroine from the pinch. And at night, he wakes up by some noise, and right there he finds the heroine whom he saved in the daytime. He tries to say something, but the heroine puts a fingertip to the mouth and says, ’Quiet, don’t say anything. Thank you for help today. Let me thank you with what I can do for you!’ Is it just a dream? The heroine whom he’s been longing for a long time is lying in front of him… Also surprisingly, from her choice, she aggressively teases the young guy’s body with gentleness and tenderness. And soon, the hand reaches his lower body, and she plays with it, and makes his thing play between her legs. That figure is not a heroine who is always dignified, but just one of hungry women. Well, it is real sexual behavior of the heroine that has never shown the true character to anyone else before?

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[Yui Hatano, Hatano Yui] [GOMK-40] Heroine Pinch03 – Red Rose of Letizia – 2013/05/24

Starring: Yui Hatano

Video Director: Takashi Mutsuki

JAV Video ID: GOMK-40

Release Date: 2013/05/24

Total Duration: 61 min

Set in medieval Europe, the story revolves around Red Rose of Letizia, a revolutionary warrior protecting the peace of Principality of Premier, a small but rich country. She is actually Princess Henriette, who will ascend to the throne someday, but no one knows the true identity of the girl fighting with evil hiding in the dark … until now. Henriette strays into a strange world, where she meets a humanoid monster Count Space. The Count makes a living by collecting huge rewards for kidnapping people, travelling through time and space. The Count reveals to Henriette that his client, who holds a grudge on behalf of his clan, asked him to abduct and transport her to the modern times. Now the Count’s ‘game’ begins…. Henriette wins the first round, but frustrated at the Count too proud to admit his loss, the angry Princess, taking advantage of his pride, humiliates him by making him kneel down on the ground and kiss the tip of her boot. At this moment, however, Henriette has unknowingly sealed her own fate…. Her own father’s handjob with ejaculation, a fake Henriette that appears in her original time having fun with men’s dicks, and the original Henriette wrongly accused of murdering a time patrol agent. What awaits her is the tragic end of the game called ‘petrifaction.’ Never say die, Red Rose of Letizia! Don’t give up on your fight against evil!!!

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[Sawamura Reiko, Creampie] [ZIZG-003] Miku Bu乃 Ali Tokyo Kingdom – Hatano Yui Nanase Otoha Reiko Sawamura Of The Live-action Version] Taimanin Asagi – Conspiracy – 2014/05/30

Starring: Sawamura Reiko, Hatano Yui, Otoha Nanase, Abeno Miku, Takasaka Honami, Takasaka Masumi

Video Director: Gory Matsuda

JAV Video ID: ZIZG-003

Release Date: 2014/05/30

Total Duration: 240 min

CLICK TO GET "ZIZG003MikuBuAliTokyoKingdomHatanoYuiNanaseOtohaReikoSawamuraOfTheLiveactionVersionTaimaninAsagiConspiracy20140530.avi" FROM FBOOM.ME